Friday, January 16, 2015

Truffle Oil Contention

There are a few reasons why I decided to name a blog about how I grapple with my personal quarter life crisis, and my ups and downs of starting over, in honor of truffle oil.

Truffles are exquisite. They have a beautiful aroma, rich flavor, and in many culinary cultures are considered "haute cuisine",  including those that I identify with: Italian and Spanish.

Truffle Oil is often made from anything but truffles, but used to mimic the flavor and aroma of actual truffles. It's often regarded as an abomination to upscale cuisine by the culinary masters we see in popular media. But it's widely used in restaurants, home kitchens, and it makes a specific flavor more accessible to those that cannot afford the exorbitant cost of actual truffles.

Also have you eaten truffle oil fries? They're bangin'.

I have privileged problems, and I am well aware of that. I acknowledge my privilege, and every day I am grateful for the advantages that I do possess. I am well educated, I live in a first world country where I do not, generally speaking, fear for my life. I am blessed with parents that support me, a brother and sister-in-law that took me in while I have nowhere else to live, and a network of loving friends.  I am in good physical health, I boast hair of the gods-- even after three days of not washing or combing my mane, it looks like it came out of a magazine advertisement--and I'm proud to claim a decent mind.  I thank my lucky stars continuously for my good fortune, and I genuinely try to make my gratitude known to those that stand by me, and the big guy upstairs.

Does good fortune translate into: not deserving of the right to talk about pain or sorrow?

And why is there a rule that exists that we are only allowed to have discourse on happy subjects? Why are we not allowed to talk about our mental health? Social media is such an amazing, powerful tool that has, and will continue to enact actual positive change. Why should we not use it as a vessel to have an open conversation about our lives when they are not rosy? Let's celebrate our contemporaries' new houses, engagements, weddings, babies, promotions, and positive life changes! Should we not, at the same time, use this medium to bring those of us struggling together-- giving a sense of camaraderie in today's modern mental trenches?

Since I launched this blog a few days ago, many people within my network privately reached out to me admitting to their own struggles. Individuals I haven't seen or spoken to in years, that identified with me, and stated that they have either gone through, or are going through their own rough patch. I am wearing my struggles on my sleeve. I am openly announcing them to the world-- not because I'm trying to garner sympathy-- but because when I hear or read that I'm not solo in some of my sentiments, it gives me hope, and just a little bit of peace. Why as a society do we encourage silent suffering, when a simple glimpse at the less glamourous parts of life could resonate with someone and allow them to feel less alone in their struggles?

On the flip side, I've had some pretty negative feedback as well, which I expected. No, I am not looking for life to be perfect. My life is far from it, nor have I ever asked for perfection, or hoping for it now. I do not feel shattered over not boasting a perfect job, house, wardrobe, etc. I FELT broken over losing a mediocre job, my city that I absolutely adored, my way of life, my apartment, my independence, STABILITY, some dreams... the list goes on.  For anyone that truly knows me, I am extremely resilient, and will continue to drive forward with unstoppable energy. But I also want to talk about the process openly.

So why truffle oil? It mirrors the privileged nature of my problems, it has controversy surrounding it (within the culinary realm, that is), and to be honest, I enjoy the flavour.

It's Day 2 of my Rebuild and I am successfully sugar free….and I was also told I have "big, brass balls" for laying it all out there. I like both of these things.

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